Stock Photographs for Sale

In addition to my work as a commissioned photographer in and around the Midlands, I also offer stock photography for sale through Getty Images and istockphoto. These photos cover a range of subjects, including photos of DIY topics, food photography, road transport and green/recycling issues. One popular set covers financial topics, including  some relating to the rather grim current economic situation! My whole portfolio can be browsed (and purchased!) here: ECityscape - Birmingham Council House at Dusk Photographer  - Edward Shawd’s istock portfolio

My istock portfolio contains lots of shots of Birmingham, including several useful city views of some of the best bits of the city! They may be just what you need if you are Birmingham based and looking to give a website, brochure or marketing materials a local connection. Check them out here: Birmingham stock photographs

All images shot by and © Copyright - Edward Shaw                                                                                                             132 Station Rd, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7TD

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